Episode 5 - Choosing The Right Mic For The Job, And My Driver Issues

July 17, 2007 09:28PM

Brandon S. Hire behind the controls at Ohio University in 2004!

This is the long awaited episode 5 of The Metal Shop Podcast! In this episode, I talk about microphone frequency response, and trying out various mics to find the right one for the job. I compare 4 mics that I own, and show the different tones you can get with them.

Congrats to Tony Phillips for getting the trivia question correct last time. There's a whole new question in this episode! Think you know the answer, email it to metalshoppodcast@yahoo.com!

Enjoy the show? If you like it, write me at metalshoppodcast@yahoo.com, or check me out on myspace at myspace.com/metalshoppodcast. Don't forget to check out the new Youtube channel at youtube.com/metalshoppodcast!

[All music in this episode was original music that I, Brandon S. Hire, had a hand in writing and recording. The music bed at the beginning and end of the show was created specifically for this podcast, while the music bed at the beginning and end of the Right Mic For The Job segment is a song called Inside Of You, and was recorded in 2001 by a former line-up of my band Day Nine. If you like the track, you can download it by going to http://myspace.com/daynineportsmouth. It should be noted that the song has been updated by the current line-up of Day Nine, and will be on our upcoming album.]

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A Warning About Episode 5

July 17, 2007 09:09PM


This is just a little warning about Episode 5.

Due to some driver issues I'm having with my PC, I've had some difficulty getting episode 5 out to you. First audio files wouldn't play longer than 10 seconds, then they would play but would sound like a CD skipping. The second problem is still there, which made mixing episode 5 a real treat, but at least it seemed that the audio I was recording into the PC was unaffected.....of course until I listened back to episode 5.

There's some cracking and popping that I can't get rid of, so bear with me cause it's not all that bad. Trust me, it's 1000 times worse on the production end of it, you guys got off easy!

So I'm going to have to re-install windows to see if this fixes the problem. That sounds like a lot of fun, let me tell you! I'll keep you updated on that in future episodes. In the mean time, until I can get everything together to re-install, I'll do what I can with what I have. Enjoy episode 5.

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