And the Storm King mixes are rolling in!

Ok, so I've recieved a few mixes, and they are all very good. Scot Gallop's is very tight fisted modern metal, my own is a bit bass heavy, Neil went Old School, but the most interesting one I received so far is an industrial take on the song! All of these mixes are below in the flash player for you to listen to, and I've included the band's mix (done by Dave Piatek) for reference.

Still waiting for your mix. Email it to me at metalshoppodcast@yahoo.com. Keep it metal!

Episode #24 update.

Well, as you've seen below in this very same blog, I've already recieved one remix of Storm King's "The Death Equation". Thanks to Scot Gallop of Bloomington, Indiana for the remix.

I'm working on my own remix at the moment, and the focus of episode #24 will be about that remix. The plan is to have me and Neil each do a segment about what we did to mix the song. After that, we'll be moving on to other topics for future episodes, while playing your remixes as they come in.

Here's the snag. Hopefully it won't take long for me to get episode #24 ready. Unfortunately I have had an unexpected event come up and will have to move, therefore my time will be focused on that until October. I'll work on my Storm King mix and on episode #24 when I find time, but finding a new place to live in under 30 days and getting moved in in that time will be rough and will obviously have to take priority over the show. So bear with me, and I'll have a new episode out when I can.

As for ideas for future episodes:

I'll be doing a review of Rhythm Rascal, as well as a review of some free drum sequencers you can use in Reaper and other programs that support Virtual Instruments. I've asked Brian Stephens if he'd mind recording some single hit drum samples and sending them our way, and he said he was excited about the idea. Those single hit samples would be great for drum replacement, or for use in Rhythm Rascal. Hopefully, when he gets those ready (not rushing him, he's a busy guy), he'll be able to come on the show to talk about how he recorded the samples. I've asked Neil to put together a segment reviewing Addictive Drums. So lots of drum sequencing, midi, and replacement stuff to talk about soon.

In a recent episode of Sessions With Slau, Slau talked about the multi-track files from Stevie Wonder's "Superstition". I've been talking with Slau and he may be coming on The Metal Shop at some point to talk with Neil and I in sort of a round table setting about another set of multi-track files that I've located. The song we'll be discussing could very well be "Verse Chorus Verse" from Nirvana, which I recently found the mastered multi-track files for.

I've been in touch with Bob at Acoustic Music Revival in Denver, and he's agreed to come on the show to talk about the differences in acoustic guitars and the tones they produce. Should help you pick the right acoustic for what you wanna do in the studio.

The Apostle Fractal's Don Howatt is working on a segment about how he's reworked midi drum data to create bass lines. I'm quite interested in that one myself, since I don't own a bass.

Since I've become a fan of Sessions With Slau, I may be using his show's format for a few segments I want to do about some recent recording sessions I've been involved in (as I've told Slau about already. After all, imitation is flattery). At christmas last year, I got a Sansa Fuze 8GB mp3 player (thank you Sarah), and it has a built in voice recorder that actually doesn't sound bad. I've been taking it to recording sessions and hitting record while all the tracking and candid banter is going on. It's not the greatest, and it can't handle very high SPL's, but for capturing the talking that goes on at a session this is a pretty cool device. So I may be doing a segment about some ways you can apply this little voice recorder, and I hope to do a segment about recent sessions and play bits and pieces from the sessions that I captured using the Sansa Fuze.

Neil mentioned in episode #23 that he had a friend who was doing some recording, and he was going to try to interview that friend about the recording process when it's finished. That should be an interesting listen as well.

So stay tuned. Lots of cool stuff coming from The Metal Shop. Keep it Metal!

Props to The Home Made Hit Show.

Just a quick thank you to Dave Criddle from the Home Made Hit Show for mentioning The Metal Shop at the end of episode #169.

Check out the Home Made Hit Show at http://www.homemadehitshow.com

A cool new tool that I will likely incorporate into the show.

Screenr. It's a new thing that is incorporated into Twitter. It allows you to make screen shots of whatever you're doing and publish them. This below is my first Screenr vid, and it's just a short shot of Rhythm Rascal. It really highlights my need for a RAM upgrade (running 512 mb! GRR!), but that's not the point. Enjoy.