Hey, it's Brandon.

I'm about to work on a segment that outlines some of my favorite free plug-ins. But before I could do that, I had some work to do updating the web site. The background no longer worked, and the page wasn't updated after Neil published his own episode to reflect that show's publication. So I took care of that today.

Some other updates to the site are coming soon, including a page dedicated to downloading multi-track files for you to mix. But more on that later.

I'll be working on an episode soon, so sit tight. Thanks for the patience, it's not been a very fruitful year for the show. I'll be trying to fix that a.s.a.p.


A tribute to Natasha from Eleven.

Not particularly show related, but I wanted to share this.

I heard this song on a video compilation that came out in 1993 called Rock Video Montly. I LOVE this song. I just found out that the keyboardist died in July. Sad. I wish I'd paid more attention to the band. Here's my tribute to Natasha Shneider in the form of me posting the video to my favorite (and only one I know) song from Eleven. Enjoy "Crash Today".


The prodigal son returns?

Brandon (the bearded slacker) here with an update.

It seems at the moment that activity is brewing at The Metal Shop. I've got a few ideas for segments that I'm tossing around, and Neil just published his first solo episode. I'm listening to episode #22 now, and good job Neil. Thanks for taking the reigns for a time.

Neil and I are throwing around ideas for my return, and so far it looks like my return to the show will include some extensive banter on the ins and outs for beginners. I don't know what else Neil has on his idea list, but I'm contemplating an episode dedicated to free plug ins that are kick ass, as well as an episode on how much gain you actually need on guitar to get your tone in the studio, and finally a long overdue series of episodes on drum recording.

And wasn't there something in the works a year and a half ago about me recording a band and giving you the tracks to mix yourself? I haven't forgotten about that. I just suck, that's all. lol.

So enjoy episode #22, and keep your ears to the ground for #23. Oh, and keep it Metal.