Rocky Mountain Update!

Hey, it's Brandon with an update from my new station in the rocky mountains. I've made the move to the suburbs of Denver, but my work is far from done. I've got a mountain of boxes to unpack, a house to set up, a job to find, and other such challenges that take priority before I can focus on the show again.

In the mean time, Neil has edited together and posted episode 20 and will be updating you guys on the progress of episode 21 right here on the blog. I'm listening to 20 now at the local library, good job Neil. Can't wait to hear 21. Thanks again.

I'll be back with updates as I can get to a computer. I don't have net access at home yet. Probably for the best anyway, as I'd likely sit around on myspace all day rather than unpacking! lol! In the mean time, enjoy the episodes that Neil is working on, and write to either of us (metalshoppodcast@yahoo.com - neil@neilmcdougall.com) with any questions or comments. METAL!


Episode 20 - Coming VERY soon!

Editing is done, the MP3 file is uploading to the server as I type this, and with any luck, providing I can get the show notes looking decent on the website, Episode 20 should be landing in your podcatchers in the next few hours!


Short update on Episode 20

Hey, Neil here with an update. Brandon should be driving to Denver by now.

Most of the basic editing work has been done for Episode 20, I just need to edit out any background noises and add the bumpers, blippers, swooshies, and other such stuff before it's ready for human consumption. With any luck it could be ready in the next few days, providing I can figure out all the stuff for the main Metal Shop website without too much hassle.

I might also put a small audio update out on the feed to acclimatise myself with Gcast (the podcast's media host) and to provide an update for those listeners not reading this here blog post.

Anyway, pin back yer ears, 'cause there's good stuff to come. Oh yes.


Things are moving slowly, sit tight.

Ok, as you can imagine with all the crap you have to do to move cross country (I know, I whine about it, but still), I haven't had time to do anything related to the show except answer a few emails. That includes not being able to send Neil the necessary files so that he can edit episodes 20 and 21 together as he's agreed to do for me (which I thank him again very much for). I'm getting those to him today, as 24 hours from now I'll be loading the moving truck and my time will be up until I get to Colorado. I don't know how long it'll take for Neil to get an episode out, that's up to him and his schedule. But the files are going to him now, and I for now am signing off. Hopefully I'll be on my feet in Denver quickly and can come back to the show without a long hiatus.

In the mean time, don't forget to write to Neil at neil@neilmcdougall.com. You can still write me at metalshoppodcast@yahoo.com, and I'll answer if I can, but I'll likely forward it to Neil to handle as my time will be very limited.

Take it away Neil!


A big Thank you to Neil.

As you no doubt know by now, Neil McDougall has been helping me out with episodes 18 and 19, and will be on board for 20 and 21. And if you read this blog, you also know that after episode 21 comes out, I'll be in the midst of my move to Denver, during which time Neil will take the reigns of the show for a few episodes. All this was supposed to happen after I put out episodes 20 and 21, which were both recorded quickly without email or trivia being read so they could be put out before my move.

Well, mother nature threw a wrench in my plans.

Friday, I drove to Chicago to watch REM. Great show. But on the way home to Bloomington Indiana, we got stuck in Indianapolis thanks to some massive thunderstorm activity that was hovering over the area and wouldn't let up or move out of the way. This resulted in flooding, and kept me from being able to get home until just earlier today. I was more fortunate than some, my house was fine and I just had to put up with a dank dingy hotel in Indianapolis. Many homes were lost, and 1 person in Columbus Indiana was swept from their car in rushing water and drown. Lots of property was lost, including cars and some businesses. The entire area was declared a disaster area.

Why is all this important? Well, it limited the time I had available to work on episodes 20 and 21. At this point, that amount of time has shrunk to none. I have to use the rest of my available time packing. Period. Luckily, Neil has stepped up to the plate yet again and said he'd edit episodes 20 and 21 together for me. So I'm sending him my voice track and he'll be taking the reigns from this point until I get set up in the Denver area.

So thanks Neil for picking things up for me. I, and all the listeners, appreciate it, and we all are excited to hear your first segments.

Keep it Metal!


19 is out!

If you go to the web site, it still says the most recent episode is #18, but if you look at the flash player episode 19 is cued up and ready. It should be beaming to your podcatchers as I type this. It'll take me a bit to update the web site, but 19 is out for all to hear.



Episode 19 update.

Looks like episode 19 is coming together great. I've almost got it stitched together. It feels like I should be focusing my time on other things, because I really should, but I'm glad I've done it as I've been putting it off for a while. I'm editing together the end of the episode as we speak, and it looks to be another long one, so I'll need to have time to listen through it once to make final edits before I can post it. Expect it within 24-48 hours.......hopefully.

Relocation update.....

Ok, so I've found a place in Colorado and the clock is ticking. I'm working today to try to get episode 19 out to you as quick as possible. Episode 20 I can get mostly edited down, but Neil and I voice tracked the last part of episode 20 when we did episode 21 last week.....and Neil had technical difficulties. So we're going to have to re-do it. We're gonna try to do it on Wednesday. When it's done, hopefully it'll take no time for Neil to send me his audio so I can get started.

Here's the thing though. Friday, I've got Tickets to REM in Chicago, so I won't be able to work on the show any then. Sunday, I'm heading to southern Ohio for a week to see my family and won't be able to do the show then. After that's over, there's 5 days to get the rest of my stuff packed and onto the truck before hitting the road. So odds are that if I don't get it out to you by this weekend I'll either have to put it off or ask Neil to do the editing on the episodes. We'll see what happens, but I'm putting some time into it today so I can get the ball rolling.

......after all, it's not like I can clean out my shed today. We're under a tornado warning! lol!

Keep it metal!


Im in ur blog, shoppin ur metalz

Oh hai. I can haz cheezburger?

Okay, that's enough LOLcat for one blog post.

If you've listened to episodes 13 and 18, you should be familiar with me - I'm Neil McDougall, aka NeiloMac, and I'm going to be running The Metal Shop while Brandon ups sticks and relocates to Denver.

What will I be doing? Well, I've got some ideas, but I'm keeping that under my hat for now. Don't want to ruin any surprises. ;-)

Any comments, questions, queries and offers of 'h3rb4l v14gr4!!1!!!' can be sent to neil(at)neilmcdougall.com, where they will all be read and, in the case of the last one, deleted with extreme prejudice.