Episode 21 - the latest

Hey, Neil here with an update on Ep 21...

Work on the episode ground to a halt for a while...got a bit demoralised after I crashed and subsequently scrapped my car a few weeks ago. However, I've picked the baton up again, and work on the episode is progressing nicely.

Be warned - Episode 21 is looking like a LOOOOOOOOOOONG episode - looks like it could top an hour and a half, if the current status is anything to go by.

Oh, in other news, I went to see the mighty English neo-prog band Frost a few weeks ago, supporting the equally mighty American prog band Spock's Beard, and both bands were great, especially Frost - their first album (Milliontown) was one of my absolute favourites of 2006. I'd love to get their main man (Jem Godfrey, keyboards) on the podcast - it'd possibly be hilarious, if Frost's youtube video blogs are anything to go by.

As for our resident mountain-dwelling Metal Shop architect, Brandon, he's still knee deep in boxes, last I heard. Anyone got a spare forklift near Denver?


Where's the next episode?

The answer to that question is simple, friends...

It's getting edited in Cakewalk Sonar right now!  Bwahahahaha!

So. hopefully more audio goodies soon, and then I need to start thinking about just what the smeg I'm going to talk about in #22, my first solo episode.  Eek!