Preview of Lamb Of God review!


I was just on The VM Underground talking about Lamb Of God's "Sacrament: Producer Edition". I recorded the internet feed, and I recorded my end of the conversation, so we'll see if I can mix it together and get something that sounds good.

Check out The VM Underground!

A quick mix of a lamb of god song for you all to enjoy!

Since I'll be reviewing Sacrament on episode 15, I figured I'd toy around with some mixes from the album. Here's just a quick one I did in 15 minutes. It's "Walk With Me In Hell".



New episode is coming, sit tight.

I've had a few hang-ups over the last week, and have just been a bit busy with non-show related things. Gimme some time to get things in order, new show will be out soon. Sit tight.

Past Guests List Added To Myspace And Blog

I've added the following to both the myspace profile and this blog. I'll try to incorporate it into the web site when I get the new episode up.

Chris Mara
Chris Mara
Episode 2

Big Al Wagner Of PSN
Big Al Wagner
Episode 8

Dave Criddle Of HRO
Dave Criddle
Episode 8

Professor Rick Shriver
Rick Shriver
Episodes 9, 10, 11

Unkle Bonehead
Unkle Bonehead
Episode 9

Neil McDougall
Neil McDougall
Episodes 11, 12, 13


New Playlist on the Youtube Channel!

Links to this one will be added to the web site when I get around to it. But now there's a playlist just dedicated to gear! Can't believe I didn't think of that before!

New vid on the Youtube Channel thanks yet again to Neil-O-Mac!

I laughed very hard!

This was added to the Music Video's and Off The Wall playlists of The Metal Shop Youtube Channel.

I also added this video of one of my solo works to the Music Video's playlist.

Episode 14 is coming soon.

I'm doing things backwards this time. I'm recording the beginning and end before I complete the segment itself! Well, the segment itself is all I have left for Episode 14, and I've got most of the sound bites crafted already for it, so not too much left to do there. I'm going to try to fit a bit from a song Neil-O-Mac is working on that utilizes a reverse reverb on a guitar solo, and I'll be mentioning where to get some free multi-track files to mix from my band (hint, check out Home Recording Odyssey Episode 37).

Back to work. Keep it metal!

A studio lesson from Chris Mara:

Studio Lesson

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Michael Ammot's Rigg!

Click the picture to view it larger!


Chris Mara At Work.....

Recording Anna Shepherd @ Darkhorse Studio 8.07

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A year since I last talked to Mara....

The first segment I ever produced for this show was my interview with Chris Mara that appeared in episode 2. It took me two months after that was recorded to get the show ready, and the first episode (Guitar Doubling) was released in May 2007. So since it's Mid February now, and I last talked to Mara in March last year, it's been about a year since I last interviewed him for the show. Man how time flies!

It's late at night, and..........

Since my girlfriend and I share a space (her desk on the other side of the room), and she's busy doing paperwork that will keep her occupied for a while, I have to be quiet. So since I can't voice track any new episodes of the show (like I had planned to do), what else is there?????

Well, there's a few things. I've been working on beefing up my knowledge of compression, specifically on bass drums. I'll be talking about how to do it in an upcoming episode, so I may as well work on it myself to make sure I cover all the ground.

Also, there's the Chris Mara interview that needs editing. May come out sooner than expected.....

And of course, I've always got a few songs that I can mix from my band (Day Nine).

I'm so glad they invented headphones!

[Ok, so this was just a not so clever way of telling what's in the works, but I'm sure you figured that out by now.]


Chris Mara Interview On Tape

Chris Mara

Ok, here's another one for the backlogs of shows to edit. I've just concluded my interview with Chris Mara, who is a producer in Nashville TN.

We talked for a while about what to expect at the end of a recording session (from the artists perspective), what you should know and do at the end of the session (from the producers perspective), pre-studio preparation for the musicians, and how difficult it can be to find projects to work on.

On my end, I recorded about 40 minutes of audio, although some of that was switching phones when mine died, getting levels set, and gobbledy-gook that needs edited out. Also, my cat likes to make appearances when I do interviews, so depending on if she meowed when I was talking, she may be on there too!

Just waiting for Chris to send me his end of the Double Ender, and then I'll be able to get that edited together. I've got a few episodes planned before it comes out, but I may throw it out soon anyway.

Check out Chris Mara online at http://www.chrismara.com


1 year anniversary on the horizon!

The first episode was published on May 24th, 2007, and what a ride it's been! It's now February, meaning we're coming up on the 1 year anniversary of the podcast!

I made this widget at MyFlashFetish.com.

.....But who's counting, right?!

Chris Mara Interview Number 2

Looks like if nothing changes, I'll be recording interview number two with Chris Mara for The Metal Shop later this week. Stay tuned.


Just a quick tip

I've been working on mixing some songs for my band Day Nine, and I wanted to share a tip that I plan to touch on in a future episode. This is a mixing tip. When mixing an album, I find it's best to mix one song until it's finished. Then, when that song is done, make as many copies of the session file as you have songs to mix. Then, just plug the files from the next song into the appropriate tracks. You'll not have to worry about eq's and gates and compressors for most of the mix, as all this information should be present from the previous mix. The main things you'll have to focus on will be the volume levels, and making any subtle tweaks to the mix that need done. It's a real time saver.

Any Lamb Of God Producers out there?

As I think I've written before, I got Lamb Of God's "Sacrament - Producer Edition" for Christmas, and plan to do a review of it in the near future on the show. Anyone out there toyed with it? Feel free to send me audio comments or just an email, or even just a comment on this post about your thoughts. If you've done a mix of one of their songs that you'd like to submit, send it along to metalshoppodcast@yahoo.com and I'll play part of it during the show.

I'm working with the fact that the band has given fans permission to post their mixes, so hopefully I'm working within the bounds of U.S. Copyright law when I do my review and play mixes that may be submitted to me.

Co-hosting with Neil-O-Mac?

Neil-O-Mac from Neil-O-Mac's Music Attack will likely be coming on as a co-host in the very near future. We've been chatting back and forth about it, and are both excited about doing it. Keep your fingers crossed.

Chris Mara returns to The Metal Shop?

I've been speaking to Chris Mara, whom I interviewed in episode 2, and we're brainstorming on topics to discuss in his return to the show. Should be interesting to say the least. Stay tuned!

Episode 14 in production

Episode 14 has begun production. The episode will focus on reverse effects, including reverse guitar solo's, reverse drum effects, reverse reverbs, reverse delays, reversed speech, and how to toy around with reversed audio to create some really cool sounding stuff.

The trivia question for episode 13 is still open, so anyone who wants to can still submit their answers.

Not show related. Any cooks out there?

This isn't show related, but any cooks out there who may be interested in checking out some of my original recipe's, head over to my other blog. http://brandonsrecipes.blogspot.com. I've decided to look into Culinary School due to my other love....cooking (duh). We'll see how that goes. Enjoy.