I'm one of Lamb Of God's Newest Producers!

Any of you who didn't catch my earlier blog entry (I think back in October) about Lamb Of God releasing the multi-track files to their album "Sacrament", I'll give a quick re-cap. They've released the files, and you can mix the songs yourself. You can add stuff, take stuff away, ect. It's pretty cool.

Well, I got it for Christmas. I've toyed with it for about 30 seconds, and here's my first reaction.

For only $14.95, it's worth it, but it has it's limitations.

The drums are already processed for you, and are on a single stereo file. The other instruments are likewise. They fit all the audio files in mp3 format on an audio CD.

Now, I know you may be thinking "YUCK! MP3'S THAT ARE ALREADY MIXED?", and I agree, but think about this. Like I said, it's only $14.95. What do you expect, every single snare drum hit on it's own wav file track unprocessed? After all, it's packaged with the album, so you're not just buying the multi-track files.

Also, consider this. If they were to include all the individual tracks in wav format, they'd need to put it on several data dvd's. I for one have not put a dvd drive on my pc that I got refurbished over the summer, so if this had been the case, I'd have been screwed. Also, making it full of data dvd's would've skyrocketed the price. This way, the average joe who has Audacity or Garageband can get their hands on the files and start working on their mixing skills.

So was it what I expected? No. Do I still think it's well worth it? Hell yeah. Go out and buy it, as I feel it's a great tool to help hone your mixing skills.

Anyway, look for a short review of it in a future episode.

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