Special thanks to Neil.....Yet Again!

I've just recieved a segment put together by Neil from Neil-O-Mac's Music Attack podcast. This segment is a review of the Line 6 Variax guitar modeler's acoustic guitar features, and I'm going to use it as episode 13.

Thanks again to Neil. Check out his show, Neil-O-Mac's Music Attack!

The reason why this is just a review of the Acoustic guitar sounds of the Variax, not of all of the Variax's capabilities, is that I asked Neil to send me some audio samples of the Variax acoustic models for the acoustic recording segment coming up in episode 12. Neil went above and beyond and sent an entire segment reviewing it's features, so I decided to give it it's own show.

I'm glad I've got supporters of the show out there like Neil, and the rest of you, who all kick ass. Keep it metal everyone!

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