Episode 21 - the latest

Hey, Neil here with an update on Ep 21...

Work on the episode ground to a halt for a while...got a bit demoralised after I crashed and subsequently scrapped my car a few weeks ago. However, I've picked the baton up again, and work on the episode is progressing nicely.

Be warned - Episode 21 is looking like a LOOOOOOOOOOONG episode - looks like it could top an hour and a half, if the current status is anything to go by.

Oh, in other news, I went to see the mighty English neo-prog band Frost a few weeks ago, supporting the equally mighty American prog band Spock's Beard, and both bands were great, especially Frost - their first album (Milliontown) was one of my absolute favourites of 2006. I'd love to get their main man (Jem Godfrey, keyboards) on the podcast - it'd possibly be hilarious, if Frost's youtube video blogs are anything to go by.

As for our resident mountain-dwelling Metal Shop architect, Brandon, he's still knee deep in boxes, last I heard. Anyone got a spare forklift near Denver?

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