Hey, it's Brandon.

Ok, the most common question I've been getting lately is "Are you still doing the show?"

Well, the show isn't going away, it's just been put on the backburner. As I stated earlier this year, I had to step down for a bit while getting my life in order in Colorado. It's been almost 7 months since I moved, and I admit I've been a bit lazy about it, but I've also had other priorities to take care of in my personal life, so the show hasn't been coming out as regularly as it once did. But I assure you that things are stirring once again.

One thing that I want to announce is that I've opened Skyline Sound Studios Of Colorado. Check it out on Myspace.com/skylinesoundco. I can mix your projects, record you if you're local, process your tracks through analog equipment to help you get analog tone with REAL analog equipment, create radio and podcast imaging and do voiceover work, and more. If you need something, hit me up! You can use metalshoppodcast [at] yahoo [dot] com if you want.

Neil has promised me, as well as all of you on this blog, that he'll be putting out a new episode soon. I told him I'd let him do a solo show or two before I came back in, and I wanna hold to that, which is one of the reasons that it's taken so long for me to come back into the fold. It's taken him some time to get to it. Keep in mind though that neither of us are paid for this, and we both have lives to live aside from this podcast, so if it takes him some time to get his first solo show out, so be it.

I've got some ideas for my return to the show. On my agenda is possibly a bit of a how-to on recording piano, as I rarely hear that on any recording podcasts, and piano is used in Metal now and then. If/when I do that segment, I'll be using some cuts from a recording session I did with Shawn Garmon if she approves of me using her tracks. It's not metal, but I don't have any other examples to use, and the point isn't what she's playing but how I recorded it....that is IF I do that segment. I'm still deciding on that one.

Another idea that will likely be in my first episode back will be focused on how much gain to add to distorted guitars. I'll also likely do a review of my new K-Micro's from Karma Audio. These are condensors that cost $5 each, and you've heard them reviewed on Home Recording Odyssey.

Neil and I are throwing around the idea of recording a song together, so if that happens we'll be sure to give you all the details and likely share the tracks with you.

I've done some updating of the Youtube section. A lot of the playlists had videos that were no longer available. I've purged those off of the playlists, replacing the ones I could, and now it should all be running smoothly.

Other than that, I suggest that you stay tuned. Sorry for being gone so long. Keep it metal, I shall return.

- Brandon

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