Death Magnetic - The Moderus Remixes:

Brandon here.

We've all heard the complaints about the poor mastering job done on Death Magnetic. "DM" is one of the only albums I won't listen to anywhere but in my Bonneville, cause that's the one place that the extreme brick wall limiting doesn't annoy the holy PISS right out of me. Well, one fan did something about it.

When Guitar Hero released their Metallica version of the game, stem mixes of the songs individual components were made in order to make the mixes for the game. I don't know if these stems were made available to the public, or if they were leaked, or hacked, or whatever. But a guy who goes by the username of "Moderus" got ahold of the stems for the entire Death Magnetic album, decided to make a new mix for each song that would be without the brick wall limiting, and released them to the interwebs as .flac files.

I just got my hands on them.

I'll save my thoughts on this for an episode of the show, as the poor mastering job done on "DM" is something I hoped to address on the show anyway. This will give me a great chance to discuss that, show how clean the album COULD have sounded, and talk about what I do and don't like about Moderus's mixes.

Stay tuned.

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