Chris Mara Interview On Tape

Chris Mara

Ok, here's another one for the backlogs of shows to edit. I've just concluded my interview with Chris Mara, who is a producer in Nashville TN.

We talked for a while about what to expect at the end of a recording session (from the artists perspective), what you should know and do at the end of the session (from the producers perspective), pre-studio preparation for the musicians, and how difficult it can be to find projects to work on.

On my end, I recorded about 40 minutes of audio, although some of that was switching phones when mine died, getting levels set, and gobbledy-gook that needs edited out. Also, my cat likes to make appearances when I do interviews, so depending on if she meowed when I was talking, she may be on there too!

Just waiting for Chris to send me his end of the Double Ender, and then I'll be able to get that edited together. I've got a few episodes planned before it comes out, but I may throw it out soon anyway.

Check out Chris Mara online at http://www.chrismara.com

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