Change of plans for Episode 17

Recently I interviewed Scott Massie, former frontman for the now defunct Pittsburgh band BOTTOMFEEDER. Scott is now the frontman for another Pittsburgh band called Storm King. The reason he was interviewed is because even though BOTTOMFEEDER is no more, the album "In The Name Of Love And Science" is an amazing album on both an artistic level and a production level. It's not as polished as a Bob Rock album (ok, maybe a little smoother than St. Anger....but you get the point), but instead it has a raw eclectic feel to it that is just indescribable and unlike anything you'll hear on the radio. And no, that's not in a bad way. I hate those people who think that just because it's not mainstream it has to be good even if it's crap. That's not the case with this band. It's not a mainstream sound, but it's anything but crap.

If you can't tell, I like the album! lol!

Anyway, I asked him to come on the show to discuss the making of the album. This album features some interesting tricks that aren't that common, such as dual drum sets, using a different guitar/amp/mic on each layer of each song, purposefully clipping the end of a song to heighten the intensity of the song, and mixing it all with electronic elements and beautiful orchestration.

Ok, if I still smoked pot (clean for a decade now), then this would be one of those I'd listen to in a dark room with headphones and just trip out! It's a very interesting album.

Anyway, now that I'm done praising the album, the reason I've bumped this one up to the front of the schedule of episodes is that Storm King has a gig this month that Scott wanted to promote in the interview, and I told him I'd get that out before the gig. So if you're in the Pittsburgh area, go check it out! It's coming up on the 25th at The Smiling Moose.

I'm planning a trip out of town next week, and I hope to have this episode out before that trip takes place. Keep your fingers crossed, and an eye on your pod catchers!

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