Episode 18 and part of episode 19 are voice tracked!

Yes, that's right. Episode 18 - 21 will feature a special guest host, and the host and I just finished voice tracking episode 18 and most of episode 19. We couldn't finish episode 19 because we want to wait for some emails to roll in as well as trivia guesses. When episode 18 is out, we'll be waiting a few days before finishing episode 19 to allow for these to come in. When they've come in, we'll be working on the rest of 19, as well as most of 20. Then we'll follow suit for episode 21. Should hopefully roll out rather quickly, but we'll see.

The topic of episodes 18-21 will be comparing 10 microphones on various applications. Episode 18 will be comparing the mics on a distorted guitar amp. 19 will be on the same amp, same mics, but comparing them using a clean sound. 20 and 21 will be comparing them on an acoustic guitar and comparing them on vocal ability.

Mic's being compared are listed below.

Audio Technica:
- AT 2020
- ATM 650

- E 609
- E 906
- E 835
- E 935

- KSM 27
- SM 7B
- SM 57
- SM 58

And the special guest host is.................
...Oh come on you can wait!!!!!

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