.....where to begin. lol!

Hey guys, it's Brandon. If you're reading this thanks for sticking with us. Here's what's up.

You may remember Scott Massie of Storm King, formerly of Bottomfeeder, from episode 16. I told you I'd bring him back on to talk about Storm King in the future. Well, we're working on that.......sort of. Scott has asked me to interview his studio engineer instead of him, as I'd likely get more info about the recording process from him than from Scott. So he's put me in touch with Dave Piatek (http://www.davepiatekrecording.com/) who is tweaking the knobs during Storm Kings current recording sessions. I'm working on setting up an interview with Dave when the Storm King sessions are done.

Scott also told me he'd give the show the multi-track files for one of Storm Kings new tracks and allow all of you to download the files to remix yourselves. More on that when Storm King is done in the studio.

I'm sure you've noticed the web site was down for some time. I had some server issues with Godaddy.com and was too busy with my day to day to get a chance to get The Metal Shop website back online. Have patience. It's coming back very soon.

I've been busy with the day job, and busy with moving again to a new home (only 20 miles away, staying in the Denver area), and busy working on recording sessions for a local band called Alternum Divide. They are rock, but not Metal, so I'm not sure I'll use anything from them on the show, but you never know. But that project is on hold temporarily, so hopefully I'll be able to focus on the show soon. I promise it's not going away, I won't let it. Thanks for sticking with it thus far.

Keep it Metal.

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