New activity brewing.

In 2 hours I'll be on the phone wit Dave Piatek of http://www.davepiatekrecording.com/ to talk to him about the recording of Storm King's latest release. We'll be talking about the recording process, and I'll hopefully be getting some multi-track files from Dave for one of Storm King's songs so that I can disperse them to you and you can practice your chops.

Other episodes in the works (for real this time, I swear) include a review of Rhythm Rascal (http://www.rhythmrascal.com/), a free plug in round up, a review of Karma Audio's K-Micro Condensors, and a little talk about my recent recording sessions with Littleton Colorado's "Alternum Divide".

Keep it Metal.

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Anonymous said...

Whene can we hear the interview?