Episode 23 progress.

I just wrapped up a double-ender with Neil McDougall for episode 23. This episode will be a MASSIVE episode if all goes according to plan. It's been 14 months since I've been active on the show, and it feels good to be back in action finally.

The things we discuss on this episode include the reasons why I'll no longer be including Trivia in the show. Quite frankly, if you've listened to the show for a while you know that it never really got that many responses anyway. It was a cool idea (that I "borrowed" from The Project Studio Network), but it never latched on with you folks, so it'll be gone from here on out. And those of you who read the blog here will know that ahead of time.

Of course, episode 23 will be focused around the interview with Dave Piatek, who recorded Storm King's latest release, during which we talk about the recording process for the album as well as some of Dave's personal recording techniques and methods. Scott Massie, who you heard on episode 17, gave Dave permission to donate the multi-track files to the Storm King song "The Death Equation". I have recieved the files, and so has Neil, and you'll hear us discuss our thoughts briefly on the files that we recieved. We'll both work on our own mixes, and they should be on the episodes that follow #23. But when #23 is released, you'll all be able to get copies of the files by downloading them from themetalshop.info, where I'll post them in mp3 and wav formats in zipped folders. Download them, have fun with them, practice your mixing chops with them, and send us the results. We'll play them on future episodes.

I won't ruin the rest of the show for you, but I will tell you that quite a few of you over the past years have told me you LOVE long podcasts, and for those of you who fall in that category, this come-back show will NOT disappoint you. Thanks for sticking with me and Neil during our unintended downtime. Episode 23 will be up as soon as I can get it to you.

- Brandon.

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