Episode 14 - Reverse Effects

This is episode 14 of The Metal Shop Podcast! In this episode, I explore using reversed audio to create some interesting effects.


Last week's trivia question is about Metallica. In the documentary "Some Kind Of Monster", james is talking about blowing his voice out on the black album. What song does he say he blew it out on?

The correct answer is So What, an album B-Side. I had a correct answer from Mike Hickey this time, but since he's won before, I left the poll open. No one else submitted a correct answer to last week's question, so we move on. Don't forget that a winning answer gets you a copy of my solo album "Orphan".


This week's trivia question is about Ozzy Ozzbourne. An effect in the song Suicide Solution from Ozzy Ozzbourne caused him a lot of problems when, In October 1984, a nineteen-year-old shot himself in the head while listening to the song. Upon evaluating the song, The Institute for Bio-Acoustics Research, Inc claimed to have found subliminal lyrics in the song encouraging people to kill themselves. This prompted lawsuits against Ozzy, claiming the lyrics prompted people to commit suicide. What is the message that IBAR claims Ozzy is delivering?

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[All music in this episode was original music that I, Brandon S. Hire, had a hand in writing and recording, except for a short sample of an as yet untitled song from Neil McDougall, and a short audio sample of "Suicide Solution" from Ozzy Ozzbourne for the trivia question. Some audio excerpts from a session with Siddius were included in the Reverse Effects Segment. The song at the end of the episode is Crashing Down from my band "Day Nine", and the bumper music for the Reverse Effects segment is our song "Through The Fall". The music bed at the beginning and end of the show was created specifically for this podcast]

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