A moment of inspiration? Perhaps just a fluke?

I was in my car today, and here in Bloomington Indiana there is no good Rock Radio. You've got a good station out of Indianapolis that you can barely pick up that plays modern rock, then you've got the local "world class rock" station that plays Dave Matthews and John Mellencamp (loooooots of Mellencamp.....gag!)

Well, I hit a spot while driving where I could barely tell what was on the Indianapolis station because I was very out of range. However, it seemed to be melting into another station, and I heard that Jars Of Clay song from the 90's playing. But I also heard the heavy distorted techno riffs of whatever was on the Indianaplois station that was breaking up. The two of them almost seemed to melt into this fuzzy piece of genius that seemed to make more than a little sense.....they seemed to belong to each other!

I pull my car over in front of my house, where surprisingly enough I can pick up the Indianapolis station clear as day (for the first time in 2 years)! Turns out the song that was blending so perfectly with Jars Of Clay was "Trip Like I Do by Filter and The Crystal Method. I was amazed! It truely seemed like the two should've been in the same recording, melted together by some Hellbilly Deluxe-Era Rob Zombie! It truely was amazing!

Since I'm not much for song remixes, I figured I'd post it here so someone else can toy with it if they want, or maybe I'll look back in a few months or years and decide to toy with it myself. But It definitely should be toyed with!

Working on 3 segments at once guys. #14 will be out soon. Keep it metal!

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