Episodes update.

Ok, Neil and I finished voice tracking episodes 20 and 21 today. They won't have trivia or email readings like the others. There's a reason for this. I move mid June, and I want to have those episodes out as quickly as I can before the move.

FYI, episode 21 will be a long one.

That said, what is to come during my downtime while moving? Well, I won't be able to pick the show back up until I'm settled in, have got everything unpacked (ugh), and have found a job in my new area. May be a month or two, but lets hope it's not longer.

But don't worry, the show won't stop during this time. That's right, Neil McDougall has stepped in and promised to keep the show from the pits of pod fade! Neil will be hosting the show after episode 21 is published and will continue to do so until I get on my feet in the Denver area. He's got some great ideas too!

So if you wanna contact him, just write to him at neil@nielmcdougall.com, or write to me at metalshoppodcast@yahoo.com and I'll forward it to him!

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