Some of the things holding production up.....

Ok, aside from the fact that I'm trying to pack my entire life away so that it'll fit into the dimensions of a U haul truck to take with me from Bloomington Indiana to Denver Colorado, I've also been trying to finish other projects before the move happened. Because of those, the show was put on the back burner while I worked to get that finished.

What was said project? Well, if you asked me a week ago I'd have told you it wasn't finished so I couldn't say anything about it. But now, it's finished, and the artist has the songs on their myspace profile, so what the hell. Here's some audio, as well as what I did to the songs. This may or may not get talked about on the show, who knows at this point.

The purpose of the session was so that my client, a really talented guitarist and songwriter named Kyle Chambers, could get his ideas on tape. He didn't just want a crappy demo, he came to me because he wanted something of quality so that he would come across professionally and stand out from the guys who buy a 4 track and hit record without having any idea what they are doing. He has a drummer named Zack who lives an hour away, so he wanted to be able to give his drummer the mixes of his guitar tracks so that Zack could practice when they weren't able to get together. Kyle also wanted me to put some drum beats down using the sequencer built into the BOSS BR-1600CD so that he'd have something to show off that sounded more like a band than just some guitar tracks.

So into my studio we went. He recorded 6 songs. He was playing a Squier Telecaster with P-90 Pickups through a Line 6 Modeling 1/2 stack. I used the Shure PG-57 to mic his amp, and it didn't take long to fing a desirable tone. We took our time, even though this was just a demo, and layered guitar parts to make it sound more like a pro recording. At the end of the session, I went back through and used the BR 1600CD to put custom drum beats on each song. Though it sounds like a sequencer, it fit the song better than putting down a generic drum loop that kinda sounded right. I dumped all tracks into Adobe Audition, and a few days of mixing and tweaking drum sequences later and we have the final mixdowns!

They are inquiring about having the drummer, Zack, come in to lay down the actual parts on these since they sounded so good to them. Remember that the purpose of this was for a demo, not for a record release, so some things that I would've normally corrected in a release were left in just because of it's demo status.

Now that this is over, I'm going to try to edit the show when I can, but as I've stated before, I'm moving to Denver. Time is limited right now thanks to lots of packing. UGH!!!!!!

So here's the mixes of the songs with my sequencing on them. If you like it, check them out at http://www.myspace.com/angerinstrangers.

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