I've got the packing blues.

Ok, packing sucks. I've got to go through everything I own, which as it turns out is a lot of crap, and figure out what I still want and what I don't want anymore. YAY! But, fortunately, it not only gives me a chance to catch up on podcasts but it also gives me a chance to listen to episodes I'm working on and making edit notes! So right now, I'm listening through episode 19's voice track and making edits. Hopefully episode 19 won't take too long, but I can't give a timetable right now with all the crap I have to do that takes priority.

I hope to have episodes 19, 20, and 21 out to you before I move in a few weeks to Denver. We've found a place out there, but it may take me some time to have enough free time after moving to focus on the show. Sit tight.

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