Rocky Mountain Update!

Hey, it's Brandon with an update from my new station in the rocky mountains. I've made the move to the suburbs of Denver, but my work is far from done. I've got a mountain of boxes to unpack, a house to set up, a job to find, and other such challenges that take priority before I can focus on the show again.

In the mean time, Neil has edited together and posted episode 20 and will be updating you guys on the progress of episode 21 right here on the blog. I'm listening to 20 now at the local library, good job Neil. Can't wait to hear 21. Thanks again.

I'll be back with updates as I can get to a computer. I don't have net access at home yet. Probably for the best anyway, as I'd likely sit around on myspace all day rather than unpacking! lol! In the mean time, enjoy the episodes that Neil is working on, and write to either of us (metalshoppodcast@yahoo.com - neil@neilmcdougall.com) with any questions or comments. METAL!

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