Relocation update.....

Ok, so I've found a place in Colorado and the clock is ticking. I'm working today to try to get episode 19 out to you as quick as possible. Episode 20 I can get mostly edited down, but Neil and I voice tracked the last part of episode 20 when we did episode 21 last week.....and Neil had technical difficulties. So we're going to have to re-do it. We're gonna try to do it on Wednesday. When it's done, hopefully it'll take no time for Neil to send me his audio so I can get started.

Here's the thing though. Friday, I've got Tickets to REM in Chicago, so I won't be able to work on the show any then. Sunday, I'm heading to southern Ohio for a week to see my family and won't be able to do the show then. After that's over, there's 5 days to get the rest of my stuff packed and onto the truck before hitting the road. So odds are that if I don't get it out to you by this weekend I'll either have to put it off or ask Neil to do the editing on the episodes. We'll see what happens, but I'm putting some time into it today so I can get the ball rolling.

......after all, it's not like I can clean out my shed today. We're under a tornado warning! lol!

Keep it metal!

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