A big Thank you to Neil.

As you no doubt know by now, Neil McDougall has been helping me out with episodes 18 and 19, and will be on board for 20 and 21. And if you read this blog, you also know that after episode 21 comes out, I'll be in the midst of my move to Denver, during which time Neil will take the reigns of the show for a few episodes. All this was supposed to happen after I put out episodes 20 and 21, which were both recorded quickly without email or trivia being read so they could be put out before my move.

Well, mother nature threw a wrench in my plans.

Friday, I drove to Chicago to watch REM. Great show. But on the way home to Bloomington Indiana, we got stuck in Indianapolis thanks to some massive thunderstorm activity that was hovering over the area and wouldn't let up or move out of the way. This resulted in flooding, and kept me from being able to get home until just earlier today. I was more fortunate than some, my house was fine and I just had to put up with a dank dingy hotel in Indianapolis. Many homes were lost, and 1 person in Columbus Indiana was swept from their car in rushing water and drown. Lots of property was lost, including cars and some businesses. The entire area was declared a disaster area.

Why is all this important? Well, it limited the time I had available to work on episodes 20 and 21. At this point, that amount of time has shrunk to none. I have to use the rest of my available time packing. Period. Luckily, Neil has stepped up to the plate yet again and said he'd edit episodes 20 and 21 together for me. So I'm sending him my voice track and he'll be taking the reigns from this point until I get set up in the Denver area.

So thanks Neil for picking things up for me. I, and all the listeners, appreciate it, and we all are excited to hear your first segments.

Keep it Metal!

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