Coupla live Siddius clips added to the youtube channel!


Since I'm about to do a series of shows using the song I recorded for Siddius, I figured I'd post these vids of them that I found on youtube. I also put them on The Metal Shop's Youtube Channel! I did this for two reasons. First is to help promote the band (not that they won't already get a bunch of free promotion from me and the show, but hey), and two because I thought they were cool clips.

The first one is of them playing at a local all ages venue / youth center called Rhino's. I don't know the name of the song, but it's a pretty good quality live clip. I'm guessing they were recording the board line-out feed or something to get the audio, but I tried that once with this band at this venue and it didn't sound this good. So who knows. It's odd to me because it's a better quality recording (in my opinion) than the ones they had on their myspace before I recorded them last month. I think they should've posted that one if they had the audio from it! Anyway..........Keep an eye on the bassists' right hand. His fingers are something to watch. They remind me of a taranchula pouncing it's prey! It's fucking awesome!

Anyway, the second video looks like it came from a cell phone or something. But I posted it because it (coincidentally) features about 30 seconds of the song we recorded! The audio sucks, and so does the video capture, but you can hear it's the same song!

Anyway, these guys were great to work with. They are very talented for being a bunch of high school kids. I've got my final mix of the song ready to go, and I'll be posting it here soon. In the mean time, head over to my freelance profile to hear it and other work that I've done.

Hoping I can have the band on the show soon when I feature their song. That'll be fun if I can get that all worked out.

Keep it metal!

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