Siddius Recording Session Update.

I haven't had a chance to mix the Siddius song yet.  One hold up was how long it took for me to import the files to my PC from the BOSS BR-1600CD.  You had to wait for it to convert the track to a wav file, then import it to your computer, then move on to the next track.  That's right.  ONE TRACK AT A TIME!  That's one of the things I really didn't like about this unit, but you'll hear that eventually when I review it later on down the line.

Anyway, I finally sat here for three hours while dumping each of the tracks from the BR-1600CD onto the computer, and I will begin editing them for mixing soon.

Here's the cool part.  Siddius is willing to give the tracks to you guys too so you can mix the song yourselves!  Caleb, the drummer, said he thinks it's a cool idea, and can't wait to hear your mixes!

So, I'll get them ready as soon as I can get to it, and when they are ready you'll see them on the web site!

On a side, but related, note:
Someone should make a website that allows bands to upload their multi-track files so people like you can download them and mix them for practice!  I think it would be sweet!

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