Random But Funny

My first real band Day 9 (RIP 1999-2002) really was an experience in amateurism.  We played badly, we performed badly, and we even took bad photos to promote ourselves.  We didn't know any better, and it was a memorable experience.

A few years ago, I found this website called Rock And Roll Confidential that has a section called the hall of douchebags.  Basically, they go through a bunch of real band promo shots and make fun of them.

I found a hidden gem!  One of our old promo shots is in the hall of douchebags!  When I originally found this, I laughed my ass off!

Here's the link.  And please, look at the other shots while you're there!  It's a pretty funny site, and you may even find yourself there!


P.S.- I'm the douchebag on the left with black hair wearing the tool shirt.  lol!

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