The evolution of a mix....Siddius Part 3.

Using some of the tips I learned while doing research on drum mixing for a future episode, I was able to dramatically improve the overall sound of the mix of "Preachin". Here's a player with all 3 of my rough mixes in it, from most recent to the fist one.

music player
I made this music player at MyFlashFetish.com.

I'm very happy with the mix. All that I have left to do really is to do some track clean-ups (getting rid of amp hum, pitch correcting flub ups, fixing the false start at the beginning, things like that) and the song is done in my opinion. I may add a few things later, but I think this mix is pretty brutal so far.

And again, I'll be detailing what I do to the mix in future episodes.

Keep it metal!

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