50 Subscribers On Monday Alone!

Thanks a million to all of you who are listening.  The good thing is that I've got over 4000 subscribers now, and on Monday alone, I received 50 subscribers!  That's the most I've had in one day since my record of 69 subscribers on July 3rd!  So thank you all for listening!

The bad thing is that now I'm using close to my limit of free bandwidth on Podomatic.com.  This means I'm looking for paid podcast services, and seriously considering libsyn.com to host the future episodes of the show.  But as far as bad things go, I'd rather be dealing with this than the computer problems I had a while back....lol!

I'm working on segments.  My plan is to get a few ready to go, then put them out on a regular interval while preparing more behind the scenes.  Hopefully, this way I can keep up on getting the show out on a more frequent basis than the last two months have been.  Among the segments are the three part interview with Rick Shriver, and the first part in a series dedicated to acoustic guitars.  Plus I've still got to review all of the mics I've recieved from Shure, Sennheiser, and Audio-Technica.  And I'm planning on taking some raw drum tracks from Day Nine's stint in the studio last summer and using them to show how to mix a drum set.  We'll see.

I do wanna thank Big Al Wagner and Dave Criddle for the help on the last episode, Doogz.net for sponsoring the episode, and Uncle Bonehead for the mixes of Pandora (which you'll hear on the next episode)!

I'm always looking for segments.  I've got Neil-O-Mac working on one with the Pod-XT, but welcome any other ideas anyone has.  Write to me at metalshoppodcaast@yahoo.com if you have a segment idea.

Other than that, we'll see which segment turns into the next episode.

Oh, by the way, don't forget to come to The Metal Shop Website and link over to Musiciansfriend.com from there if you are planning on ordering anything from them.  I get a small commision on anything sold using links from my site, so you'd be paying the same amount while supporting The Metal Shop!

Keep it Metal!

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