Metal Shop Collaborative With PSN & HRO?

Since Shure sent me the Shure SM 57 as one of the mics I get to play with, I figured I'd do an episode where I compare it to the Shure PG 57, which I already owned thanks to it's price tag.

I'm not going to tell you my findings thus far, but I will tell you this.  Dave Criddle from The Home Recording Odyssey Podcast, and Big Al Wagner from The Project Studio Network may be on that episode to give me their feedback on the recordings made with these two mics!  That'll be a show not to miss!

I doubt that Dave Criddle will be on at the same time as Al Wagner, since Dave has his newborn daughter to watch after and all.  His time is pretty constrained.  But Dave told me to send him the Wav files and he'd record his thoughts on the sound differences between the two mics and send it back to me.  However, if I can work it out between his PSN commitments, Al Wagner and I may be on at the same time to talk about our thoughts on the mics!

This should be interesting, and I can't wait!

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