New Deal With Sennheiser?

Since Shure loaned me 4 of their great mics to shootout on the show, I figured I'd take a que from Andrew Brierley from The Home Recording Odyssey podcast. He once mentioned that he'd like to review mics that were as good as the SM 57 from Shure, but made by other manufacturers. We'll, he never really got that one done, but he said he didn't mind me doing it.

So I started calling Nady, Sennheiser, AKG, Audio Technica, and getting a bunch of voicemail boxes, or being asked to "send it in writing through email". After leaving messages, both in voicemail and email, I left it up to the Gods good graces that I'd get a response.

Thank you Sennheiser!

I talked to one of the guys from Sennheiser, who actually had googled the show before we got a chance to speak in person to each other. He said he liked what I was doing, and he'd be glad to help by loaning me some mics that he feels are just as good as the SM 57 for micing a guitar cab, and some that are just as good as the SM 58 for vocals.

So now, I'm just waiting to hear back from him next week. I've emailed him all the particulars about where to send them and what not, and I'll know more next week about wether this will go through. I'm pretty shure it will though. SWEET!

Now if some of the other manufacturers would just respond..........................................................

Stay Tuned!

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