Living in a college town, I get nervous when I am sent items for review.  For example, when Shure shipped me the mics, the UPS man just threw them on the porch.  Literally.  Sarah was home when they showed up.  The guy didn't knock or anything.  Just threw them on the porch with an audible thud and drove away.  Aren't you supposed to treat condensor mics gently?!

Then again, they were packed for shipping, and I used to work on the loading docks at UPS so I know that you don't send something you're not 100% confident will survive the trip with the packaging you provide.

But still, I live on campus in a college town.  The fucking undergrads here steal EVERYTHING!  I've had my recycle bin stolen (possibly turned into a beer cooler), and my rake as well (*WHO STEALS A RAKE FOR FUCKS SAKE!*)!  So I was really uneasy when the Audio Technica mics were left inside our screen door (which caused the door to be propped open and more noticable from the street) when no one was home!  Sarah found them when she got home!

So I was in here typing my blog about the guitar, when I hear a thud!  Knowing that Sennheiser is sending mics, I rush outside to find the box with the e935 in it just sitting inside my screen door!  The UPS driver was accross the street getting in his truck.  I yelled "Hey, don't you have to knock or something?"

He said "I don't have to knock if it doesn't say I have to knock"
I said "But don't you need a signature from me?"
He said "I don't.  I can leave it inside your screen door!" then drove off.

WHAT KIND OF POLICY IS THAT!  I'll be calling them to bitch about this, and giving the link to this blog to Shure, Sennheiser, and Audio-Technica.

Fuck you UPS!

On a good note, I got the first of the Sennheiser mics today!  WOO HOO!

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