My phantom power trouble is over!

When Shure loaned me some mics, they loaned me a condensor called the KSM27.  I don't have phantom power.  I see a problem here.

Well, I've found a solution to that problem.  I've borrowed a Behringer XENYX 1002 FX mixer from Vance Music Center here in Bloomington Indiana (they sell some of their stuff on ebay, their seller name is Vance Music - go check it out), on the agreement that I'd plug their business and their workings on ebay.  Since they were kind enough to loan this to me for a week free of charge, I see no problem with this.

So now I've got a temporary phantom power supply, as well as a new piece of gear to review on the show!  WOO HOO!

I'd better be careful, or this show will turn into a gear review show in no time!  lol.

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