Topic of the next episode................?

Well, it appears that Episode 7 could be one of several things.

1. Part 1 of my 3 part interview with Professor Rick Shriver.
2. A Microphone Shootout between the Shure SM57 and the Shure PG57
3. Acoustic Guitars 101
4. Niel-o-mac's review of the Pod XT with the Metal Pack.

Shure, I've talked about 1 and 2 before in this blog, but 3 struck me last night as an idea since I've got the phantom power supply on loan.  Why not do a show on recording acoustic guitars?  After all, they are used a lot in rock and metal!

It also seems to be a good idea since I've had a bad cold this last week and haven't finished the samples for the SM/PG shootout to send to Dave Criddle and Big Al Wagner.  I also have yet to recieve Professor Shriver's audio from our double ender conversation.  Even with a sore throat, I can still play an acoustic guitar to record the samples!

And if Neil-o-mac sends me the segment we discussed, then that'll allow me even more time to get things just right for you!  So who knows!

So odds are that episode 7 will be out soon, and will be on recording acoustic guitars.  I'll try to go in depth as usual.  And that will allow me time to get the mic shootout in order, and allow me time to edit together the Shriver interview.

I'll try to post the next episode within this week.  Keep tuned in, and thanks for all your patience!

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