Audio Technica loaning mics too!

First Shure sent me some mics to try out for free, on a strict loan basis.  Then Sennheiser plans to do the same, as they feel they have mics that can compete with the SM57 and SM 58 from Shure, which are two of the mics I've been loaned.

But those aren't the only two company's I've contacted.  Some of them haven't responded to me yet, but I just got an email today frm Audio Technica.  Seems they are interested in sending me some mics they feel are just as good as the 57 as well.  Check out what I'm gonna get from them soon!



I'm excited about getting these, as it'll be really cool to pit the 57 against the sennheisers against the Audio-Technica's.  I've used the AT2020 before to record vocals for my band Day Nine (go check out Distant Memory to hear it).  I haven't recieved anything except the Shure's just yet, so keep tuned in for updates!

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