Episode 7 is on the way, sit tight!

Sorry for the delay getting episode 7 out to you. A few more complications have arisen thanks to my necessary computer upgrade last month. I'll explain.

The PC I was using to edit the show together had Adobe Audition 1.5 loaded on it. I bought that software about 3 or more years ago. After loading it on my machine, I loaned it to my guitarist in my band Day Nine so he could load it on his machine.

When I moved to Bloomington Indiana from Columbus Ohio a year ago, I didn't take the software with me. Now that I've had to change machines, since I didn't have my DAW software with me anymore, I decided to just load Audition 2.0 on the new Machine so I could try it out for 30 days and still put out a new episode.

During that 30 days, I went on vacation. When I got back, I wrote to Josh (my guitarist) and asked him to send the software back to me since I needed it do a mix I've been paid for, and to do the show. He should've sent it by now, but with the holiday weekend upon us, I won't get any more mail til Tuesday. I hope it shows up this next week.

Just in case this takes a while, I've downloaded some free DAW's. I can't do the mix I was paid for using them, as the learning curve is too steep for me to figure it out quickly, but hopefully I'll be able to figure things out well enough to do a new episode for you soon. And besides, this will give me a chance to review some of the freeware available on a future episode!

So keep tuned in. I'll get things going back up soon enough. Thanks for hanging in there with me so far, and see you on the other side!

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