Bandwidth, and a possible change in servers.

As mentioned in a previous blog, the show has eaten up all the free bandwidth that Podomatic.com would give me.  This came as a direct result of my simul-podcast with Big Al from PSN, as I got quite a few new subscribers after that.

It's kinda funny, cause Podomatic.com hasn't cut off my feed yet.  I've used 16.1 gb of my 15gb of bandwidth this month, and it doesn't reset for another 8 days.  I'm checking it often to see if they pull the plug on me, and in the mean time I'm uploading the files onto a backup feed over at g-cast.com.  They don't charge, have unlimited space and bandwidth restrictions, and are easy to use.  BUT, they don't offer stats.  However, since my feed would be re-directed from them to feedburner.com, no one would have the g-cast feed url, and feedburner would keep track of my stats for me.  For that reason, I'm thinking about making the switch back to g-cast.  I used them for my old "Music Industry Tips" podcast, and I really liked them.  We'll see what happens with podomatic.

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