Episode 9 - Rick Shriver Interview Pt. 1, Plus Pandora Mixes!

Professor Rick Shriver
Professor Rick Shriver

This is episode 9 of The Metal Shop Podcast! In this episode, I talk with Professor Rick Shriver about recording, podcasting, microphones, and Malaysia. Rick Shriver is my former professor at Ohio University's Zanesville branch campus, and is the head of the Electronic Media Department.

Rick mentions samples of Malay instruments that he recorded while spending a year in Malaysia. He's offering the recordings up to you for use as samples, or whatever else you can come up with. He asks that if you use them, please give him credit and please write to me at metalshoppodcast@yahoo.com to let he and I know about it. We'd like to hear it after all!

- Click here to go to Rick's website and download the sampled audio! - The audio doesn't play in Firefox on my PC, so if you have problems, try Internet Explorer. They worked there for me.

Rick sent me this picture of the mic he's using in his home studio.

We also hear from Uncle Bonehead, who has submitted 4 mixes of Pandora. He tells us how he did it and what he used in an audio comment! You'll only hear snippits of the mixes in the show, so check out this flash player to hear all 4 mixes from start to finish!

And don't forget to listen to The Unkle Bonehead Show!

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[All music in this episode was original music that I, Brandon S. Hire, had a hand in writing and recording. The music bed at the beginning and end of the show was created specifically for this podcast, while the music bed at the beginning and end of the Rick Shriver Interview is a song called Hiding, and was recorded by my band Day Nine in 2006 at Audition Studios in Circleville Ohio!]

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