Siddius Recording Session

I just finished recording a song for a local metal band called Siddius.  These are great guys, all very talented, and the recording process was a lot of fun.

I recorded the song using the BOSS BR-1600CD as part of my review of the item.  Killing several small pigeons with one massive piece of flint, I also tried out some of the mics that are on loan to me for various applications.  For instance, the Shure SM7B works great for a kick drum mic!  The Sennheiser E606 works great when combined with the SM57 for a heavy guitar tone, and it also works great for backup vocals when using a windscreen!  And the Shure KSM27 is a killer mic for getting a room full of doofuses all laughing histarically for a song atmosphere element!

The session was also a good lesson in how to get around your limitations!  I only had one overhead on the drums (KSM27), and I only had one mic for the two rack mounted toms (AT2020).  My PG57 was taped to an old cymbal stand (due to lack of mic stands) and put on the floor tom.  The SM57 was used on the snare, and the SM7B on the kick.  The whole reason for the funky configuration was a lack of available mic stands and cables, but there are ways around those limitations which I'll discuss on the show down the road!

I had fun.  The BR-1600CD held up really well.  I found a few things I didn't like about it, but you'll hear them in my future podcast review of the item.

Rock on, and keep a weather eye on the horizon for episode 10 of The Metal Shop!

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