Tune In To The DEN!

The Metal Shop Podcast will soon be syndicated on The Doogz Entertainment Network (The DEN) at doogz.net!  The station is run by a friend of mine, and he's looking for podcasters to include in a timeslot dedicated to the music industry.  You'll remember the DEN promo that I played in the last Metal Shop episode, well I made that promo for him.  the promo mentions that he's also looking for DJ's, so if you've ever wanted to be a DJ without the limitations of the FCC, this is your chance!  You can fill out the DJ application over at doogz.net, like my frien Uncle Bonehead did!  he may be on the DEN soon!  And it looks like PSN may also be syndicated on The DEN along with The Metal Shop!

More details on timeslots will be coming soon!  Keep it metal!

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