Episode 10 - Rick Shriver Interview Pt. 2, Plus Trivia Prize Announcement!

Professor Rick Shriver
Professor Rick Shriver

This is episode 10 of The Metal Shop Podcast! In this episode, I talk with Professor Rick Shriver about studio overkill, portable recording, and more!  Rick Shriver is my former professor at Ohio University's Zanesville branch campus, and is the head of the Electronic Media Department.

I've decided on a prize for the trivia questions in the show!  The winners will now recieve a digital copy of my Solo Album!  Check out my web site to preview the entire album!

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[All music in this episode was original music that I, Brandon S. Hire, had a hand in writing and recording.  The music bed at the beginning and end of the show was created specifically for this podcast, while the music bed at the beginning and end of the Rick Shriver Interview is a song called Blinded, and was recorded by me at OU's multi-track lab in 2003-2004!]           

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