The Scoop On Episode 9 Regarding My Server Issues.

So episode 9 will be posted on both podomatic.com and gcast.com.  No matter which feed you're subscribed to, it'll be sent to you.

However, after that I'm going to change the feedburner feed to reference gcast.com instead of podomatic.com.  Then I'll post a notice on podomatic.com in the form of an audio file.  The notice will be your alert that you're on the wrong feed address.  I'll also post one on gcast.com telling you that you've got it right, and you don't need to do anything to keep getting the new episodes of the show.

So either way, you'll know if you need to change feeds.

Best thing to do is cut it off at the pass and make sure you're feed address is feeds.feedburner.com/themetalshop.

Rock on!

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