Fuck Podomatic.com!

For any of you who may have tried to download episodes of The Metal Shop over the last coupla days, I apologize.  The fact of the matter is that I ran out of bandwidth for the month on podomatic because of each and every one of you awesome listeners downloading the show!  SWEEEEEEET!

Anyway, podomatic extended me a 7 day grace period, but it ended two days short of my bandwidth being reset.  Think they coulda maybe helped a brother out with two extra days?  lol.

So anyone who downloaded the show before last night at midnight would've received a recording of a British man trying to get you to donate to my show so I could afford more bandwidth!

Well, now I'm back up and running.  Another episode is in the works too.  And I'm going to be switching to another server, as I've discussed in my blog before.  So keep tuned in for changes.

Oh, if you subscribed using the podomatic.com rss feed, you may wanna make sure you re-subscribe using the gcast.com feed address that's listed on themetalshop.info!

Rock on, and keep it metal!

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