Equipment used on Siddius session.

I'll try to get a list from Siddius of their equipment so I can tell you all what they were running through, but here's a list of what I used to record the band last night.

Kick Drum - Shure SM7B
Snare - Shure SM57
Floore Tom - Shure PG57
Two Rack Mounted Toms - Audio Technica AT2020
Overhead - Shure KSM27

Bass Amp:
Direct Line Out Of The Bass Head
15" Speaker - Sennheiser E906
15" Speaker (from about two feet back - Shure KSM27
10" Speaker - Shure SM57

Guitar Amp 1:
Top Left (4x12 Cab) - Shure SM57
Bottom Left (4x12 Cab) - Audio Technica AT2020

Guitar Amp 2:
Top Left (4x12 Cab) - Shure SM57
Top Right (4x12 Cab) - Sennheiser E606

Track 1 - Shure SM7B
Track 2 - Sennheiser E606
Track 3 (the evil laughing track) - Shure KSM27

It was all recorded onto the BOSS BR1600CD.  The bass was an Ibanez, but I don't have the model number.  The guitars were both Jackson guitars. Guitar amp 1 was a peavy, but I don't have the model number.  Guitar amp 2 was a marshall MGD100 head and cab.  The distortion came from a BOSS floor processor, but I don't have the model number.

Can't wait to get some tracks from it up for you guys.

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